Heidi escort en barcelona

When it comes to Luxury Escorts these next 5 that I’m going to introduce to you are the in the top of their league.

Celia, is a 25 year old professional model, who is 1.7 m tall and has measurements of 95-60-90. She is really perfect, with a beautiful face and really neat hair. Part of her incredible figure come from the fact that she is a very healthy girl, totally into fitness and a natural athlete. She’s a fun girl and far from boring. She is one of our top escorts as she takes care of every detail such as her clothing, lingerie and other accessories. She always knows just what to wear to make each meeting perfect. Celia speaks several languages and has travelled widely throughout the world. This is a girl who really knows what she is doing. In terms of intimacy she is a lioness. She loves sex and knows how to enjoy it and live it. She’ll make you fall in love with her as she knows just how to make a man feel sexy while she shows her desire for you. She makes a perfect dinner date and knows exactly how to act wherever she is. You’ll know when you meet her why she is in the top 5 of the Luxury Escorts in Barcelona.

Miriam, is 23 year old model and artist who has spent time in the United States working towards her future and occasionally some time in Barcelona where she takes advantage of her sex appeal an provides some services for our luxury escort service.

Miriam has a figure with measurements like Marilyn Monroe with a perfectly smooth body and a 105 chest. Her beautiful face captures everyone’s attention when she walks down the street, as well has her impeccable taste in clothes.

Miriam is also bisexual so if you’re looking for threesome she will make it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life!


Candice is a very young 22 year old professional model. She is a very smart and enterprising lady who is also so full of fun and sweetness that you will fall in love with her from the start. She is involved, funny and intelligent. You will find few escorts as charming as this girl. A real 10! Because of the profession that she works in we must warn you that appointments should be booked in advance as she is a busy woman.

Candice loves intimacy and sex and you can really tell that she enjoys it. She has no taboos!

She is an amazing dinner date as well, which can make a great start to your hot and horny evening ahead!


The gentlemen can’t stop talking about Thais. It’s no wonder that she is on our list of Top 5 Escorts in Barcelona. She is a pure beauty with stunning blue eyes and a spectacular body. She is passionate about many things such as studying, training and of course hot sporadic encounters with horny men.

If you want to spend an evening with an exciting and vibrant girl you cannot pass up an opportunity with Thais. She is passionate, enigmatic with a very pretty face. She has beautiful natural breasts and an amazing gym sculpted body. Thais is one of the most beautiful escorts that I’ve encountered in my entire life.


Melissa is a delicately feminine, Italian escort and a professional model. She is 1.76 m tall and has greenish turquoise coloured eyes that are so seducing! Her figure is amazingly feminine from head to toe.

Between modelling jobs, she has decided to offer her services to men of passion who want to be with the best.


Melissa is sophisticated, she likes her design labels and of course, being Italian has excellent fashion taste.


In bed she has no taboos. She loves to kiss and make you feel like you have just been married. In addition she also likes anal sex. She makes an art out of loving you as you desire.


Elisah is one of our top 5 escorts of luxury in Barcelona. She is overwhelmingly beautiful with slanted green eyes and spectacular measurements.
Elisah is a very pretty Lebanese girl who speaks many languages and is well used to travelling and mingling with people at all social levels and is a great choice if you want a top of the list girl. She is very impressive and is the envy of other woman. You couldn’t do better with a famous movie star or model!