Yoni Massage

Tantric massage is a wonderfully liberating and spiritually fulfilling experience that men and women can both enjoy. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only men who can gain a lot of satisfaction from Tantra. Many women are more intimate with their bodies, although many do not like their body on display.

This is due to the negative self-image that many women possess, which is reinforced by media stereotyping. Tantric massage can help remove these barriers and allow women to celebrate who they truly are in all their gloriousness.

Many women enjoy massages in the conventional sense. This means a lot of women have had at least one massage in their adult life, but these massages are generally aromatherapy or Swedish massage. These types of massage are not designed to be intimate or stimulating, they are designed to relax or invigorate and there is a lot of merit in this. Women enjoy the feeling of being touched, whether it is by their partner or a masseuse. The sense of touch is generally heightened in women, much more so than in men.Uniquely different from conventional forms of massage

Tantric massage is a massage with a difference. Its aim is to honour and celebrate the body as an extension of the spiritual mind. Tantra teaches that mankind (or womankind) is not separate from God and although our souls may be encased in a physical body on the Earth, it should still be revered and loved.

A Tantra massage is designed to stimulate the sexual energy, which is a very strong driving force, and allow that energy to move swiftly thorough the body stirring the Chakras as it moves towards the crown Chakra. This energy then stimulates the crown Chakra, which creates an expansion of mind.

The whole of the body is lovingly massaged, and this can include the genital areas. In women, the vagina is known as the “Yoni.” This is a Sanskrit word and it has a number of interpretations that include “female flower,” “divine passage” and “sacred temple.” Yoni massage is often included in the Tantra massage to ensure every part of the body receives the respect and reverence it deserves.

You can choose not to have a Yoni massage, but it is an experience worth choosing at least once. The masseur is very experienced and will massage the whole of your body, using different strokes and pressures, culminating in the Yoni massage. Orgasm is encouraged, but not essential. You will have gained a great deal of rapport and trust with your masseur by this point and so achieving orgasm will be easy for you if you choose it.Increase self confidence and heal old emotional wounds

Yoni massage can actually help with sexual problems or issues. There are many women that have been hurt, physically or emotionally, at the hands of others, and this can impact on their ability to enjoy a good sexual life. Furthermore, if suffering from low self-esteem, this can prevent some women from achieving orgasm with their partner.

Penetration may also be an issue for some women, and if this is something that you worry about, Yoni massage can help. The whole Tantric massage is aimed at encouraging self-confidence and will slowly erode barriers and inhibitions that may have contributed to sexual issues.

During the Yoni massage, your masseur may carefully insert his finger into your vaginal passage to increase your pleasure. However, this will not be done without your consent, and even if you change your mind at any point during your massage, your decision will be respected.

If you have never experienced sexual relations or Tantric massage before, you may feel a little apprehensive at first, just as you would with any kind of new opportunity or experience. However, your masseuse will treat you with respect on all levels and will put you at your ease. She will teach you visualization techniques as well as breathing exercises that will all enhance and prolong the wonderful spiritual experience.

Tantra massage combined with the techniques you will learn can help you heal from any emotional scars you may have, and will increase your self control. They will help you to learn more about yourself, and that includes your mind, your spirituality, and your body, which will give you sexual freedom in any situation you encounter.

Who says the men have it all? Now the woman can reign too; take control of your sexual well being and give yourself the chance to experience liberation!