It’s Thanksgiving Day morning and quite a while since I’ve had
the peace of time to sit down and write. These past months have been extremely
challenging on a personal level, and while I’m usually not one for attributing such phases to the whim of the stars and planets, from what I’ve experienced, and what I know from others, something monumental is occurring on an evolutionary scale.

  • Personal health challenges
  • Legal disarray
  • The ideological/political/ splitting of the U.S.
  • Residence shifts
  • Relationship struggles
  • Job changes
  • Monetary upheaval ( Stock market)
  • The demise of the Dot Coms.
  • Renewed tensions in the Middle East

Turning to the turmoil in Florida, it is apparent that the collective psyche of our land is at a distinct cross road. The direction looms before all Americans whether to move ahead through conscious action and growing awareness about ourselves, our society and the entire planet, or to fall back under the tired old shelter of ancient, antiquated belief systems. Indeed the recent millennium crossing invites all human kind to step into the light of a new Goddess God intelligence, or lag behind, cowering under the all-punishing hand of the desert Patriarchs of the past.

Looking at the electoral map of the nation, it is obvious that the more youthful, better educated, liberal-minded citizens, living in the denser, more populated areas, with sophisticated lifestyles and greater access to information are ready to move forward into social reform and higher consciousness. It is sad comfort to know that between those who voted for Ralph Nader and those who voted for Al Gore such forward thinking is in the majority.

Weirdly, our system and all of its inherent flaws could well put into office an inferior man who is decidedly NOT aligned with this majority Will.

Is it karma? Sure.

The question begs itself though, what do the rest of us conscious, more highly-evolved souls do while the rest of our fellow countrymen play this unfortunate game of evolutionary catch up (slow-down?) Or in other words, how do we divinities fare with a reactionary ninny in the White House?

The answer is, quite simply, we take this opportunity to do what we’ve always done and continue to heal, grow, expand, love and work on our individual selves, while perfecting our ability to communicate and heal the fear that surrounds us.

The supreme law of the Reflection dictates, “we do not see the world the way it is, we see it the way we are.”

Knowing this presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us to become greater teachers, lovers, healers and speakers– so as to reach out to all those who huddle behind, cower in fear and worry that the world really is too lonely, sinful, and hateful; that there is only one God, that Jesus died for our sins, and that Jehovah really has it in for unwed mothers, abortionists, gays and lesbians.

It is important for those of us who have awakened to understand that to the un-evolved, the world really is a terrifying place, void, empty, cruel, fearful, random, misogynistic, oppressive, xenophobic and conducive to Insurance salesmen.

But for these cave-dwellers too, the Blair Witch was real, Jesus is a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant and George W. Bush, a ne’er-do-well, party boy, is somehow qualified to run the U.S.

You’ve got to ask yourself that if this bungling specimen is what half of all Americans see as leadership material, what does that tell you about the rest of their lives?

So then, how do the rest of us deal with such rampant mediocrity?

We begin by seeing every one and every thing as a fifteen billion year old
Incarnation of the Universe, and that the only difference between any of us is that while
some are six degrees away from realizing it , the rest are six degrees away from forgetting it.

Our job then is to arrange our lives in such a way that we are LIVING it at all times, and that we fine tune our own heads and hearts in order to awaken it in others.

The trick is not to get waylaid by the individual stories, because, as the cliché goes, stories are like excuses, and excuses are like ass holes, every body has one.

The real story is that each and every one of us, no matter how enlightened or entrenched we are, is a part of a fifteen billion year old process for the Universe to come to know itself. The best and the only
work to be done, individually and collectively, is by working for the time that when that colossal Universal Intelligence finally does awaken, it finds a loving, joyful and abundant heart at the very core of its existence, and that the entire journey of awakening was well worth the effort.